Aldi Ashby Extension


ZDG have delivered something technically Impressive!

Here we removed circa 55m of precast concrete wall panels, including strengthening of existing trusses during one week of night shifts, Supply & installation of roof jacking equipment utilising 45nr 30tonne jacks. The roof was lifted 40mm for 1.5 weeks, allowing the concrete panels to be cut out in multiple smaller sections, inclusive of temporary push pull bracing, and core holes to allow fork access. A steel frame was erected to enable the existing roof to be safely lowered on to the new structure. The store was closed for 2 weeks to enable the activities to happen, and handover back to Aldi was achieved on programme. This was the first time this activity has been completed by a UK contractor for Aldi within the UK, testament to the technical ability of the ZDG team, and our strong workforce and supply chain……Well done everyone!! 💪🏻 #construction #contractors #building #structural #teamwork #ZDG


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